Fabric Melodies







Robin Morgan

Fabric Melodies

Music for the Eyes


Digital Artist/Graphic Designer Robin G. Morgan has been involved in the visual arts for over thirty-five years. She began her artistic journey as a school volunteer, before becoming an educational consultant, digital publisher, graphic designer, media developer, and middle/high school digital arts teacher.

Fabric Melodies are created with scanned fabrics that are selected specifically for their extraordinary patterns. Using Photoshop, Ms. Morgan designs then constructs each digital image–layer by layer—before watercolor details are added. The process is repeated until each digital image is completed. She chose to use fabrics because of their exquisite line/shape, balance, movement, space, color, texture and light. The challenge was to create the most realistic images from fabrics—ones that entice the viewer to visually reach out and touch each tiny detail. While fabrics are such an unexpected medium, they are the perfect complement to Ms. Morgan's beautiful scenes of nature.



Scholarship Leadership Citizenship by Robin Morgan


Cougars Lead the Way by Robin Morgan


The First Snowfall by Robin Morgan


Forest Friends by Robin Morgan


Song to An Autumn Morning by Robin Morgan


Puffin Love by Robin Morgan


True Motion by Robin Morgan


Pink Lady by Robin Morgan


Red Birds in Magnolia by Robin Morgan


Budwing by Robin Morgan


Koi Golden by Robin Morgan


The Sentinel by Robin Morgan


Spring Pup by Robin Morgan


Folly's Own by Robin Morgan


Hickory Top by Robin Morgan


Eagle Sky by Robin Morgan


Hootie on Pine by Robin Morgan


La Mer by Robin Morgan